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Strawberry Scented Curls

Strawberry Scented Curls

Demi. Seattle. 24.

I started this for class credit in 2011 for class credit and never took it anywhere until spring of 2013, the beginning of what I thought would be my awakening, now I'm not so sure. So lets just see what happens.



ShortcutToTheStars 5000 followers giveaway!  ☆゚.*・。゚

To celebrate that 5000 amazing people have chosen to follow me I will be giving away an entire basic mori set!

You will get

- Cute, oversized knit with crochet detail running alll the way through, also on the back. Has cute zipper running all the way down the back and a gorgeous grey color. Mid thigh length. Brand new!

- Flowy chiffon skirt with drawsting waist. Reaches just above my knee. Will fit every size from XS to XL due to the construction :) Great for layering! Thrifted

- ‘Recycle or die’ tote made from 100% recycled material. Brand new!

- Adorable deer necklace, perfect for every mori girl. Brand new!

- Star anise 100% natural essential oil. Can be used on the body or in the house. Great scent for forest girls everywhere <3


- You must be following me! (after all, I am celebrating my wonderful followers :))

- Both likes and reblogs count

- Giveaway ends on May 10th!

Good luck :D

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Mori “Forest” Boy Gallery – Enjoy ❀

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Reblog if you’ll PUBLICLY answer anything in your ask right now.

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