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Strawberry Scented Curls

Strawberry Scented Curls

Demi. Seattle. 24.

I started this for class credit in 2011 for class credit and never took it anywhere until spring of 2013, the beginning of what I thought would be my awakening, now I'm not so sure. So lets just see what happens.


Emmanuelle Brisson - L’air Frissonne Des Choses Qui S’enfuient

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Went to the cat cafe today <3 The food and drinks were really good and the cats were SO CUTE! I just wish they’d done more with the decor, it was really basic and boring. 

Top: thrifted
Bloomers: Bodyline
Tights: ASOS
Bag: Muchacha
Shoes: Montreal
Bunny pin: Handmade by me


The colours were too light previously, so I darkened it. I also put some of these up on Society6.

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